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Ibutamoren Nutrobal is neither a steroid nor completely a SARM but it is a selective agonist which is basically a chemical that can bind to receptors in the body. An agonist reprograms a receptor causing it to produce a natural physiological response and a selective one binds only to certain receptors. Ibutamoren Nutrobal selectively binds to receptors in the body which are largely responsible for muscle growth, repair and weight management. It was initially designed to help people suffering from osteoporosis and muscle wasting disorders and is thus very useful for bodybuilders looking to increase lean muscle tissue, improve metabolism, burn fat and strengthen bones.

The main way by which this compound works in the body is by stimulating the production of Ghrelin hormone in the body also known as the ‘hunger hormone’. It helps us consume more calories and thus gain weight by its anabolic effects in which it mimics the growth hormone effects. This hormone, along with testosterone is considered to be very effective in promoting muscle growth, repair and recovery. While steroids also produce such effects, they also cause unwanted changes such as suppression of natural hormone production and increased cortisol production which causes muscle wastage and fat gain. That is why Ibutamoren is a lot safer and popular than steroids.

Ibutamoren among other benefits helps preserve muscle tissue and prevent lean muscle tissue breakdown. It does that by enabling Ghrelin production which makes you consume more calories and thus reduce the chances of the body initiating muscle catabolism by thinking it is in need of energy. Ghrelin production also helps your body gain more muscle mass and maintain the muscles already built by consuming adequate calories according to need. It also helps in preventing the production of cortisol which is a stress hormone responsible for many adverse effects on muscles such as suppression of your metabolism reducing your energy levels. Workouts naturally produce cortisol which make it difficult to burn fat and get fitter but SARMs, steroids and performance enhancing drugs help in suppressing its production which mean lesser side effects.

Being a selective agonist, Ibutamoren is safer than anabolic steroids as they are much less potent when used in a normal proportion and also carries a lot less risk of side effects which will affect the body in the long run. Stacking SARMs along with Ibutamoren can produce even more profound results easily, safely and in a shorter time. For example Rad 140 and Ibutamoren are stacked together for better muscle gain and fat loss results.