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The industry of Marijuana is growing, not necessarily in a legal way. There are many places where the consumption of marijuana is restricted but is it stopping weed lovers to buy the stuff illegally? No, it is not. In fact, Due to the illegal supply, many nations are not able to keep a record of its consumption. That’s why more and more countries are trying to amend their laws and making the consumption of marijuana legal. One such example is Canada where marijuana get legalized so that the black market of illegal and forbidden supply can vanish from the nation. To be honest, it is really good to legalize something like marijuana which could be accessible to youngsters easily from the black market. Legalizing would ensure its legal and regulated supply that to above the legal age.

Since Marijuana is getting legal in so many places, more and more dealers will be able to prompt their products in a better way to attract more customers. But the marketing of weed is not exactly like the marketing of other products like clothes and food brands. There are some of the things that you should be careful about and that’s why we are here today. We are about to tell you some of the marketing tips that we should follow in order to attract more and more customers but in the right way.

Know Your Limits

Marijuana is something that you cannot advertise in front of anyone. In many places, there are some serious regulations laws when it comes to promotion and that’s why you should know the limits of advertising the stuff. You can not do a mass advertising of marijuana that is advertising through mass media like TV Commercials, ads or billboards. Digital media platforms also come under this category but many people still use it as their advertising platform. The reason is that young adults are the main target audience of marijuana companies. We all know where this age group spends the most time. That’s why social media is the easiest and the fastest way to connect with potential customers. There are some other things that you should follow and those are:

  • Avoid endorsements or testimonials for promoting your products
  • Don’t promote your product in such a way that it will appear to be suitable for a younger age group.
  • Don’t disclose the information about distribution as well as prices openly while promoting
  • Using a person’s or animal’s character should be avoided. It doesn’t matter if the characters are real or fictional.
  • If you are thinking of using any visual which depicts a positive or negative lifestyle including glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring then it is better to eliminate that thought out of your mind.

When in Doubt, Consult a Lawyer

If you are reading then we expect you to be a marketing expert and that’s why you can not have the entire knowledge of laws related to marijuana, its regulation, it’s marketing and many other aspects. And why while doing the marketing of such sensitive stuff, you can not afford to go wrong. The best media houses have the finest marketing experts but that doesn’t make them legal experts too. If you come across anything that you find is complicated or you cannot understand the legal aspect of anything simply stop working and consult a legal advisor. He/she can guide you in the best way about what you are supposed to do or what you shouldn’t. This tip is especially for all the new dealers of companies who are not familiar with legal terms and conditions.

Circumvent the Stigma

The minds of people all around the globe are changing. These days consuming marijuana is not a big deal in many places. In fact, there are many medicinal purposes of marijuana or cannabis that are making this stuff more acceptable. That’s why it would be better if you stay away from the stereotypes of marijuana consumption while promoting your product. There was a time when people who consume marijuana seemed to be an aimless hippy and had an image of a drug addict. But all thanks to modernization, and awareness, these stereotypes have started to reduce. While selecting the name or logo for your brand, it would be better if you do not associate it with the stereotypes as the consumers these days don’t like to get connected with such a negative image of marijuana consumption.

Forget About Facebook

We would say that Facebook is not the best online platform for cannabis marketing strategies. The advertising policies of Facebook state that the promotions “must not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal products, services or activities”, “must not promote the sale or use of illegal or recreational drugs.” In addition to this, the advertisement should not have any image that showcases drugs, paraphernalia, or even implies recreational drug use.

So how to promote your product? If you can create an ad that doesn’t showcase marijuana or hides the purpose, then you are somewhat safe. Creating such ads is not a cakewalk. It is actually very tough to promote something on a platform that restricts it.

By now you must be thinking that creating a creative and clever ad will help your ad to stay on Facebook but this is not true as even after the approval of your ad, there are chances of getting flagged by the platform and this will result in getting completely banned from Facebook.

Consider Cannabis-centric Platforms

You can consider such a platform as blessings. There are not some but many online platforms that connect cannabis to pro-cannabis websites. Which means you can prompt your product freely in a healthy manner. you will have the liberty and option to connect with your potential customers easily. But since every website is not the same, you should go through the guidelines once just to be sure.

These were some of the tips that every dealer or marijuana company should know. Now you can go ahead and start promoting your products.