Day: January 25, 2019

Landscaping Austin
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What is Landscape Design, Elements and Style?

Landscape design is an art and profession in styling a garden or a landscape. It is the art of modifying or arranging a yard features for aesthetic reasons and pretty look. Landscape designing is divided into two parts such as hardscape and softscape. A landscape designer changes the layout of the yard in his own style and gives an awe appearance to all the viewers who look at it. A landscape designer considers unity, balance, transition and proportion as effective elements while Landscaping Austin urban area, etc.

Elements of Landscape Design

The four major elements of Landscape design include,

  1. Unity
  2. Balance
  3. Transition
  4. Proportion

Unity which is the otherwise known as harmony is an important element in landscape design to deliver a theme. A unity when implemented to a design shows consistency in mass decoration or organization. Unity is effective in overall picture of a landscape design. When all the visual design elements fit into a coherent theme then the unity comes out effectively.

Balance is nothing by comparison between two segments in a landscape area. The individual components in the garden are balanced in size and count to bring out the balance in the landscape design.

Transition is the manipulation of the basic design elements like colour, line, scale, form and texture. An abrupt transition does not look good. A